Monday, November 05, 2012

24 hours.

Only one more day until the election is stolen by Black Panthers working for Planned Parenthood.
There is an additional, more pernicious aspect to the Fox News-Crossroads-GOP fostering of a Romney-is-winning narrative: de-legitimizing an Obama win. Time and again, the right's narrative toward Obama (and earlier, toward Clinton) has been that his very presidency is illegitimate. (He's not American, he's Kenyan; the unemployment numbers aren't real, they're cooked; Obamacare isn't Romneycare, it's Soviet communism; and on and on.) 
It is clear that should Obama win in a couple of weeks, the right will need to portray that not as the American people choosing the other guy and his priorities/worldview, but as something fishy, possibly corrupt, and certainly illegitimate. That job will be all the easier if a foundation has been built in the political narrative that Romney was winning all along. (How might 2000 have been different if Fox hadn't declared W. the winner on election night, and all the other networks followed along, creating an artificial inevitability? And isn't there an excellent chance that this year's election winds up in a similarly litigious environment?)


Anonymous said...

Maybe this would be an opportunity to shine a spotlight on ALL the Repiglickin's filthy "shenanigans". I hate when pundits trivilaize their crimes by using that term.

They have been stealing elections wholesale since 2000 and thus far none has landed in prison. Perhaps taking a few weeks would produce some indictments.

Unknown said...

Just saw them featured on Fox this morning! It's like seeing fireworks or the Peanut's Christmas Special or that fat-assed rodent in the late Winter: a new holiday tradition!