Monday, November 05, 2012

Sabato calls it for Obama.

He's got company. Princeton, Silver, Intrade, pretty much everyone. But Cornell Putz is undaunted!
There are doomsayers today, including Larry Sabato, predicting an Obama win, and crediting in part Sandy and Chris. Certainly there are others predicting the same and the opposite.
Except all the "others" are right-wing pundits basing their predictions on what they "believe" will happen.


Anonymous said...

Well, surely you're not suggesting that believing is not sufficient to draw a conclusion more powerful than one based on polls, right? :p

Charles Giacometti said...

I once fervently believed I would become center fielder for the Boston Red Sox.

That didn't happen either.

Anonymous said...

Like mature adults, those on the right are holding their fingers in their ears and yelling "LA-LA-LA! I can't hear you!"