Sunday, December 30, 2007

InstaPutz Nostalgia File: A Wankerific Retrospective (Or 'Fuck, We Forgot to E-mail Jon Swift')

January: The darling of The Atlantic displays keen insight later to be celebrated by Sadly, No! and Dr. Edroso; Austin Bay eats crow, remains an egocentric jackass.

February: BT asks Jeremy Lott to call him Daddy, Lott agrees; BT is mildly surprised that Putz wants to stealthily assassinate Iranian scientists; Putz proceeds to lose control of his bowels; hmmmm, paste!; BT coins 'Instaretard.' (TS is amused.)

March: Fat bastard Richard Miniter puts pen to paper and, naturally, makes a giant ass of himself; the Walter Reed scandal, sez Putz, "sucks." Charming!

April: The British hostages were pussies?; VT students die -- Putz grieves, senses an opportunity.

May: Joe Klein thinks we're stupid; Iraqi civil war... spin!

June: Althouse's O-face; Hewitt and Klein dunzo!

July: Jules Crittenden, pro-brain-scooping!; Thomas Woods, slaveowner dope.

August: Dr. Mrs. informs us we should build a fucking treehouse. We choose not to.

September: Bush David Schuster was right!; BT baits Bill Crawford. TS thinks this is cruel but laughs anyway.

October: Dan Collins doesn't humiliate an ex-girlfriend; Hitchens goes wobbly; Glenn Reynolds, still not conservative!; Dick Miniter, still magnificently stupid.

November: Blog awards shenanigans; Dan Collins does humiliate an ex-girlfriend; BT gets called up the show, TS languishes in the minors. (Kidding!)

December: Pre-publication, Pantload makes a funny; Michelle Malkin, world's biggest asshole!

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