Thursday, August 05, 2010


The day after the Prop 8 decision, Althouse, who supports gay marriage, instructs her readers:

Why not cheer yourself up by thinking about the boost this will give to conservatives in the upcoming election? And leave gay people alone.

The readers, naturally will none of it.

"Nope - sorry. This is bullshit and I will not consider it otherwise."

"But, will gay people leave me alone?"

I've put the rest of this snakepit below the fold...

"Why are you telling us to leave gay people alone? They don't want to be left alone, they want us to pat their heads as we constantly, concernedly, patronizingly assure them that they're A-OK."

"Sorry but not the same ... no judge or law or lecture will ever make it so ..."

"Get ready for legalized polygamy and incest.... woo hoo. Ain't it great to have no rules or standards."

"If this is not a crumbled society, I would hate to see the Hell that awaits us."

"They repeatedly climbed into my bed in the foster homes. They tried to suck my dick, while I was sleeping, in the shelters. They hit on me in the receiving line at a funeral. They forced themselves into my divorce - even lying and saying I beat my wife during the restraining order hearing - but you want me to leave them alone? You have got to be kidding."

"Why not tell gay people to leave straight people alone, Althouse?"

"The fag judge is employing lawyeristic relativism predictably."

I guess this kind of thing is why conservatives blogs avoid comments.

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