Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"I will not ban people -- promise -- for stating their anti-black and anti-gay resentments in a *serious* fashion."

Ace of Spades notices that there's something not-quite-right about his fanbase:

Before I begin banning people, for real and not by error, I will once again state the caution that a lot of people ignore:

If you have a racial axe to grind, if you are kind of pissed off about minorities, stop posting on the subject. You are embarrassing yourselves, you are embarrassing me, you are embarrassing everyone else here.

If you think that I am secretly winking at you telling you I just hit the Racism Button and it's okay to start with the racial jibes, you are wrong.

If you think I am your secret racist buddy, who speaks in "code" but you "get" what I'm really saying, you are wrong. I hate you. I despise you.

I am tired of the people who whoop it up saying "Yeah, Ace, go get 'em! Tell those liberals that racism is a myth perpetrated by the liberal establishment media!" right before deciding it's the perfect time to compose a post in stupid ebonics, or to denigrate black people's looks, or the rest of it.

Hehindeedy! Dogs, fleas, horses, barndoors, etc.


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