Saturday, January 06, 2007

Reading your own links is for wimps.

This might be his worst post ever. (Updated below)

PELOSI'S APPROVAL RATING: lower than Bush's? You wouldn't know that from the press coverage.
You also wouldn't know it from your own link, Putz. Ouch.

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh notes that things aren't quite as close as they appear. He's right to note that, and I should have followed the links myself.

Oh, come on, Putz -- don't be so hard on yourself. I mean, why bother going through the agony of actually reading your own links?

And for that matter, why would you fact-check said links? Because if you did, you'd find that CBS has Bush at 30% and CNN at 36, so that Rasmussen number looks bogus, which would just bum you out even more.

Ah, screw it. You've always got the media to fall back on.

I'm guessing, though, that these numbers would be getting a lot more press attention anyway if the party affiliations were reversed.


I'm guessing that if Pelosi were a president in her 6th year and not a week-old speaker, her approval ratings would be getting a lot more press attention, too. But that's just a guess.

Keep those Don Surber links comin', Putz. It makes my job so much easier.


There's lots more on this here and here.

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Bullsmith said...

Obviously, a vast majority of real Americans support Bush. Those who support Pelosi are, by definition, not credible. You liberals need to stop relying on 'logic' and 'math' and start cherry picking poll numbers that support your pre-conceptions. After all, 96% of intelligent Americans agree with everything Reynolds says. And the other 4% don't even count anyway. So take that.