Saturday, May 25, 2013

Scandalmania! is a big bust.

Keep right on screaming Benghazi, Republicans.
Obama’s job-approval ratings are pretty much where they have been for the past few months, before the controversies over Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Associated Press began dominating the news two weeks ago. The May 17-18 CNN/ORC poll pegs Obama’s job approval at 53 percent, up 2 points from early April. The Gallup Organization’s polling for the week of May 6-12 showed that 49 percent approve and 44 percent disapprove of the president. For the following week, May 13-19, the numbers were precisely the same. The three-night average ratings for May 20-22 were 50 approve, 44 disapprove. Obama’s numbers have been within the same range for months. His job-approval rating, according to the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, released May 21, is still hovering around the same place, at 51 percent.  
More troubling for the GOP should be the CNN poll in which only 35 percent of respondents said they view the Republican Party favorably and an incredible 59 percent said they view the party unfavorably. In CNN polling, dating back to 1992, neither party has had an unfavorable rating higher than 59 percent (the GOP hit 59 percent one other time). Democrats are hardly riding high—recording 52 percent favorable/43 percent unfavorable ratings—but they’re doing a heck of a lot better than Republicans in the public’s eyes.


Mark said...

Putz wept.

Unknown said...

It's almost as if being called a socialist Wall Street crony Kenyan Muslim atheist fascist who is weak on terror but too forceful with drones eventually turns someone into a person immune to new criticism. The GOP hasn't cried wolf about this guy. They've cried wolf, coyote, bear, alligator, chupacabra, sasquatch, yeti, orc, and lich, too.

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