Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reminder: Glenn Reynolds is a truly awful human being.

Nothing like a little sensible gun regulation to bring out the absolute worst in Putz.


Jethro Boehner said...

The worst in Putz is his normal.

Stride, Putz, stride.

despicable = normal

but you knew that

we all did

Mr. Flibble said...

As was noted elsewhere, Reynolds tweeted this at 2:16 PM. Since he is a faculty member at a state university, this means that this tweet is his idea of an appropriate use of the Tennessee taxpayer's money. Respect that, asshole.

Mark said...

In fairness, if you're a Doonesbury-eyed yokel like Putz it's been a brutal year so far: Bush's numbers are still awful, Sheriff Lobo has gone out of syndication and the president is still a black man. It's only natural he'd lash out at the most defenseless target he can find: a middle-aged woman recovering from horrific injuries.

At least he's finally found a war he's willing to fight.