Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tyrannical zoning regulations and intrusive government inspections.

Why can't "job creators" put a fertilizer plant anywhere they damn well please?

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Lit3Bolt said...

For example, if fertilizer plants are so safe and need no inspections or regulations, why not just build them next to gated communities and next to every state capitol? Why not build them next to nuclear power plants, under an orphanage, on a college campus, or next to private schools?

Oh wait, it turns out businesses lie like old rugs. Who would've thunk!! Hyuk, hyuk! Don't worry, ALEC is on the case to write some toothless regulations absolving any and all accountability from profit-seekers, because the pursuit of profit is innocent and holy, while people going to school or living out their last days in a nursing home should have exercised caution on the free market, and therefore deserve all the blame.