Sunday, April 07, 2013

Gun safety legislation is impossible because we keep hurting gun owners' feelings.

Joe Nocera tries to make sense with a "gun guy" and gets absolutely nowhere.

Basically, the dude argues that we can't regulate guns because there's too many of them and also, too, we keep hurting gun owners' fee-fees.

Seriously, to hell with these people.


lfv said...

I love the "well, they should just be required to have AT LEAST as much training as a police officer."

That's a new one. Does this guy think cops show up for a Saturday morning seminar and at the end of 2 hours are given a gun and told "now go shoot some bad guys!"

Mr. Wonderful said...

How about flamer thrower guys? How about bazooka guys? What about their feelings? They're responsible citizens, aren't they? Well, most of them. I'm just trying to keep the country safe.

Anonymous Prime said...

They should do with all weapons like they do with police officers training to use tasers: Shoot you with one before you're allowed to have it.

Okay, you could have a bulletproof vest on, but I'm not joking.