Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ben Shapiro, still really stupid.

The last time we saw Ben Shapiro, he was arguing on my teevee that we need assault rifles with high capacity magazines because we might have to violently overthrow our own government.

But now, he's really stepped in it.

Failing upwards is the GOP way.

What a nutbar.
...I bring this up to note the remarkable fact that Mr. Shapiro, who has positioned himself as a stalwart defender of Israel and of the Jewish people, has expressed views that place him squarely in the fascist camp. Not only is he to the right of Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama, he is to the right of the mainstream pro-Israel community; of the right-wing Zionist Organization of America; the Likud Party; and the governing body of the West Bank settlement movement. 


Anonymous said...

Great chronology. But missing from this is the most salient point, which is that Shapiro would shit his pants if my grandmother waved at him, yet he is happy to promote extremist positions that could quite literally engulf the whole world in war.

Happily, he has less influence in the world than a dead squirrel, so nothing will come of his ideas. Plus it makes my day to know he spent his entire childhood, adolescence, and adulthood getting punched in the face every day.

Anonymous said...

If Shapiro is so pro-Israel, why isn't he over there? Shouldn't he be in the front lines?