Thursday, December 27, 2012

What a difference 7 years makes.

Way back in the dark days of 2005, Putz was linking to Frum approvingly. But that was before it occurred to Frum that the Bush presidency (and by extension, the GOP) was a total freaking disaster -- and Putz went full Teahadist.

BTW, Putz also used that "decent people" riff to summarize an article by McMegan.

Just curious: who gets to determine which people are "decent"?


masaccio said...

Me, Me, I can handle the decision-making on who's decent!

Charles Giacometti said...

I used to say that Instarube and the teabaggers represented something like 22% of the country, but it is clearly now even much smaller than this. 5% maybe? Smaller?

Roger said...

Identifying decent people is easy.

The first step is eliminating everyone on the PJTV subscription list.

Roger said...

Instacracker's call to disarm all Teabaggers is a step in the right direction.