Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mark McKinnon is shocked, shocked that the GOP is nuts.

What a phony.

Nothing on taxes. Nothing on gun control. Nothing on climate change. Nothing on gay marriage. Nothing on immigration reform (or an incremental, piece-by-piece approach, which will result in nothing). It’s a very odd situation when the losing party is the party refusing to negotiate. It may be how you disrupt, but it is not how you govern, or how you ever hope to regain a majority. 
And so, we have a Republican Party today willing to eliminate any prospect for a decent future for anyone, including itself, if it cannot be a future that is 100 percent in accordance with its core beliefs and principles. That’s not governing. That’s just lobbing hand grenades. If you’re only standing on principle to appear taller, then you appear smaller. And the GOP is shrinking daily before our eyes.
This is the guy who did Sarah Palin's debate prep in 2008, and now he's surprised that the GOP is completely crazy? Please.

BTW, all of those "nothing" issues above have been official GOP doctrine now for about 20 years.

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Jethro Boehner said...

Mark, Mark, Mark! You should look at what the GOPers have found time to do.

Regulating vaginas, busting unions, addressing the omnipresent menace of voter fraud, stopping those moochers on unemployment from living the high life in their hammocks.

Protecting our sovereignty by shitcanning ominous treaties that would encourage foreign countries to treat the disabled by U.S. standards.

Clearly the Republican party is full of fresh, new ideas.