Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Throwing the evangelicals under the bus.

Michael Walsh wants Republicans to drop all the abortion/contraception/gay talk.
Second, lay off the social issues. Let me be blunt: Conservatives have lost that war, and last night’s defeats are just the beginning. As with Griswold and Roe, the times they are a’changing when it comes to sex. Furthermore: It doesn’t matter. True, the eternal verities remain, well, eternal verities, but quoting random passages from the Old Testament to justify contemporary American mores is just nuts; better for the dwindling Christian majority to embrace the message of the New Testament and let God’s love wash over all His children. Salvation is neither a board game nor a checklist. So do what the Democrats do: accept changing circumstances and then co-opt them.
Yeah, good luck with that. Where would the GOP be without the fundies? Evangelicals are something like 50% of their vote.

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