Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Romney wasn't mean enough, cont'd.

Now it's Ed Driscoll:
...could the next GOP candidate grow more of a spine, and stop accepting what the MSM determines is and isn’t out of bounds for him to discuss?
That's all they need to do. Just "take the gloves off" -- and poof, GOP win!


Specialist G said...

Should we tell them that a bigger dog whistle will not reverse the ever decreasing angry-old-white-guy share of the electorate? Naaaah.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Romney's unwillingness to scream "NIGGER!" during the debate, and relying instead on less overt dog whistles, cost him the election.

Also, he needed to abandon his rigorous adherence to the truth.

Batocchio said...

"Please don't throw us in to the briar patch! Oh, if only you were meaner, and more conservative, it would have worked, but... Please! Not Jeremiah Wright and the birth certificate!"

Mr. Wonderful said...

Yes, poor Mitt--forced--FORCED--to answer questions he didn't want to answer, and denied the ability to talk about what he wanted to.

If I were a better person, I would deplore this wingnut delusional spin *not 24 hours after their loss,* and insist they admit their duplicity. But I'm not. So let it continue, to my vast amusement.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, he needed to abandon his rigorous adherence to the truth.

You think you mock, but that is Mary Matalin's argument.

Anonymous said...

"Take the gloves off," eh? Yeah, that's worked so well for them the last four years--as the election results showed.

Sorry, Repub folks, yelling "White power" and "Nigganigganigganigga" just ain't gonna do it anymore.