Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm wrong about everything, but you should keep heeding my advice.

Erick Erickson, yesterday:

We are three days removed from a brutal election for the GOP. A lot has been said.
I have decided it is virtually all bull crap. 
Don’t listen to those who say we must moderate, we must abandon values, we must abandon principles, etc. They are wrong. We must reach out, but that does not mean surrender.
And before the election:
I honestly change my mind hourly on Ohio, but my best guess is that Romney wins Ohio and consequently wins the Presidency. 


Charles Giacometti said...

We should encourage these fat fucking useless rubes to double down, thus hastening their extinction.

Batocchio said...

What Charles said. If a right-winger is drowning, throw 'im an anvil.

Anonymous said...

Or a buoy..

JohnR said...

"I have decided it is virtually all bull crap."

Well, that may have been the most perceptive thing he's written in his life. Naturally, he immediately manages to shoot himself in the foot, ankle, shin, knee and thigh by failing to distinguish the ubiquitous steaming piles of 'bull crap' from the occasional mounds of gaily-decorated leftover Halloween candy. Most of us outgrow any tendency to coprophagia pretty early on, but clearly some of us convince ourselves that everything floating in our pool is a Baby Ruth bar. M'mm good!