Friday, November 09, 2012

For right-wingers to win, they need to wrap the cocoon even tighter.

Michael Walsh thinks Romney lost because of the dreaded Emm-Ess-Emm.
The big GOP money should henceforth divert at least a tiny fraction of the dough it poured into Karl Rove’s useless American Crossroads super PAC and its ilk and establish its own, alternative media (not Fox News) that functions both as a sword and shield against the decaying, corrupt journalistic establishment. After all, the Republicans lost with the super PACS, and they can just as easily lose without them, and at a fraction of the cost. But they can’t win without a media operation that can neutralize the 15 to 20 points that MSM advocacy regularly contributes to the Democrats. The only way to beat the media is to replace the media — and if you don’t think the media won this election for Obama, you’re delusional.
Right, because the right-wing media echo chamber isn't big enough.

Delusional is the word.


ckelly said...

It's a schadenfreude dreamland! No self reflection at all from the GOP. No, they need a bigger, better Faux News. Holy crap, they may be in the wilderness for quite some time.

Batocchio said...

If they were capable of reflection in the first place, they wouldn't be conservatives. (The same goes for them and empirical thought, and conscience, and compassion...)

MaryRC said...

Wow, even Fox News wasn't Fox-News enough for this guy.