Friday, November 30, 2012


CNN's Erick Erickson will not be running for US Senate.

I haz a sad.


Landru said...

The most awesome thing about that post (and I only followed the link because I'm on someone else's computer) is how Son of Many Eriks reminds us that the Senate would be a pay cut for him.

Mr. Flibble said...

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if a billion comedians cried out at once, and were suddenly silenced.

Anonymous said...

"When I was a political consultant, I told my clients my first two rules. The first was to know when you were in the minority, even when you thought you were right. The second was to know yourself as others see you."

Wow, physician heal thyself.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I had him winning the GOP side and then loosing in the general election. Would have been another state back in the D column.

Anonymous said...

Well, crap. He was "prayerfully considering" it. I was sure God was gonna say yes, cause He's got a twisted sense of humor sometimes..

Anonymous said...

Maybe Christine O'Donnell will step in

Anonymous said...


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