Thursday, September 16, 2010

Overcompensating Much?

Dan Riehl talks smack:

[I]t seems neither Erick Erickson, nor Ben Domenech have the balls to talk to me on the phone, because I might be mad. A third party has asked me to stand down, because they don't want a fight. What are they, effin' kidding me? You asked for it, Ben. I left you a message hours ago - you chicken sh/t punk. You still haven't taken responsibility for your site's smearing of, first, Mark Levin, and now you are trying to blame it on me. So, here goes, buddy boy.

"stand down"? "punk"? "buddy boy"? When this sap realizes he's just a c-grade wingnut blogger, and not living in a Hemingway story, he's gonna be mighty embarrassed!

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