Thursday, September 16, 2010

Martin Peretz on Muslims.

Peretzdossier is wonderful, but only goes back to mid-2005. That lets Marty Peretz off easy. Here's a taste -- with citations! -- of what the rotten bastard was saying about Muslims further back:

  • "vainglorious but failed Arab civilization,"1 
  • "any thoughtful Muslim must conclude that Muslim torments don't count for much in the world,"2 
  • "Palestinian nationalism is just another version of Muslim piety,"3  
  • "Arabs and Muslims are not all, or even mostly, stickfigure gunmen and bomb throwers,"4 
  • "[9/11] ... was a satanic calculus of a certain brand of Muslim piety,"5  
  • "the Palestinian nation seems to me not yet a faithful community, not yet faithful to itself beyond family or tribe, class, or degree of Muslim piety,"6  
  • "the Arab populace seems to see peace as a respite before a future war," 7 
  • "[France, Spain and Germany] are in at least as much peril as we are--and, given the growing Muslim population in Europe, perhaps more,"8 
  • "[Europe's] elites had not foreseen that a virtually unchecked Muslim immigration might hijack the welfare state,"9 
  • "a deep truth about much of the Muslim world ... is that it practices a politics of frenzy, that it is gladly feverish, and that it regularly mistakes excitability for authenticity"10

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