Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This just in: Americans still don't like Sarah Palin.

Keep bragging about her endorsements, Republicans. Keep putting her in front of the camera, Faux.

It's all working beautifully.

Ex-AK Gov. Sarah Palin hit a low since Pew first included her name in mid-Sept. '08. She now is viewed favorably by 39%, while 52% view her unfavorably. Men were split on her, with 44% viewing her favorably and 45% unfavorably. But 58% of women turned thumbs down on her; only 35% were thumbs up.

The youngest segment surveyed, aged 18 to 29, were the most negative on Palin, splitting 32%-59%.

The most hated President since Carter, that socialist/fascist B. Hussein X, is at 56%, some 17 points higher than America's Evita.

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