Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Deeply Personal."

On the occasion of the Prop 8 closing arguments, NOM's Brian Brown has something he wants to tell you:

California’s Prop 8 is, for me, deeply personal. I am one of the people who devoted time, treasure, and sacrifice to make Prop 8 come true. ...

And so we fought, with decency and civility, in love, for the future of marriage in our country.

...Against all odds, we won.

Many, many Californians sacrificed to make this dream come true. People I know have had their homes, their livelihoods, their businesses attacked because they fought for marriage. These are the people Ted Olson says don’t count.

Having lost at the ballot box, gay-marriage advocates are now stepping forward and asking the courts to nullify our victory, to invalidate our sacrifice.

I'm not sure what is most loathsome here: the notion that it's Brian Brown and his bigot brigade who have sacrificed and for whom the right to marry is personal; that the denial of said right was an act of "decency and love"; that, in a truly Kafkawellian moment, it is Brown who "fought" for marriage; or -- my favorite -- that he considers Prop 8 a win and a victory. Like it's a goddamn football game.

What is one to do in the face of such naked bigotry? For the moment, I, as a great man once wrote, will try to practice my Buddhist Tolerance and turn all my cheeks to the wall.

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