Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kaplan Test Prep Doesn't Much Like Atheists, Either.

Sure, doesn't care for the gays. But fear not, atheists -- you suck too:

Atheists do some wonderfully noble things; but they do so in spite of themselves and because of the common grace of God.

Certainly we should give them credit for the good they do, but believers acknowledge that behind every good work is the hand of a good and loving Deity. ...

And while unbelievers may do good, do they have the spiritual will to behave that way on a consistent basis? Believers who live lives consistent with their faith evidence a transformed will, that is, the ability to do what is right, not just know what is right. As a Christian I will agree that non-believers can discipline themselves and train their character to be relatively consistent in doing what is right, but it is a far harder task than it is for a believer who has the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Who, you ask, is lecturing us on good works and right and wrong? Charles Colson.

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