Sunday, July 05, 2009

Quitting is a traditional American, Christian value.

Or something.

Then there's this.

But there's just a nagging feeling I have that when it comes to the Republican Party base, reason and logic are largely irrelevant. The kinds of voters who participate in, say, the Republican presidential caucuses in Iowa in 2012, may not care whether Palin has thoroughly discredited herself as a credible and serious political figure. Hell, they might very well think, "Sure, Palin may quit the White House in 2014 if the going gets tough, but I'd rather have two years of the Quitta from Wasilla than none at all."

Can Palin recover from her humiliating fall? She shouldn't be able to, and the country will be better off if she isn't able to, but I'm not quite ready to rule out the possibility.

Maybe, but the problem for Palin is the base isn't all she needs to win the primary. She can certainly be a spoiler, and will undoubtedly draw lots of fundies (40% of the Republican vote) -- but that won't be enough to take Willard down.

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