Friday, July 03, 2009

Erick Erickson is a little testy tonight.

Someone call the waaahmbulance.

Can't wait to see...

kmgm Friday, July 3rd at 6:18PM EDT (link)

…Erick’s retraction when it turns out her resignation has nothing to do with the big, bad liberal press and instead is a result of the scandal that is inevitably going to reach the light of day. I thought Erick would have learned from the Sanford snafu…

There could be

Erick Erickson Friday, July 3rd at 6:25PM EDT (link)

There is certainly speculation that this is the real reason for her departure. But it makes it no less true that she’s tired of the attacks.

Oh, and you’re banned.

I feel so guilty now. Not really.

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