Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That's Because You're An Idiot.

From a Q&A with Andrew Rosenthal, Times editorial page editor:

Q. I love the editorial page; it is the first thing I turn to in the morning. My question is as much of a comment as a question. I find it a bit peculiar that the two women columnists, Maureen Dowd and Gail Collins, are satirical and humorous. I adore their writing, and generally think they are spot on, but it is almost like you cannot get a "serious" woman columnist. Do you agree? I also must add that I think the world of Verlyn Klinkenborg. Thanks and keep up the great work.
— Paul Bilsky, Manchester Center, Vt.

A. O.K., so I admit. I’m answering this because it’s a slow, hanging ball. First, I love Verlyn, too. And second, I would be the last person alive to suggest that Maureen Dowd and Gail Collins are not serious columnists. They are indeed, very serious.

[via J-Ro]