Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Confederate Retard figures out the Arkansas shooting.

After getting embarrassed over his epic wrongness on the Knoxville shooting, Confederate Retard has this Arkansas tragedy all figured out.
The national media is slow to catch up on the suspected motivations of the shooter. I'm certain that this is out of concerns for accuracy, and not an attempt to let misplaced anger simmer for as long as possible for those who would ascribe a political motivation.
Yeah, that's it Confederate. They're not acting responsibly, trying to ascertain "the facts." They're just hoping that people wonder if there's a political motive. It's all just to make wingnuts like Michelle Malkin look bad. Because, obviously, it would be wildly off the mark and crazy to wonder if there's a political motive when a political official is shot to death.

Ass. Hole.

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