Monday, July 28, 2008

Glenn Reynolds omits politically inconvenient facts of Knoxville shooting.


Putz has whitewashed the fact that the shooter was a raging right wing loon, and laughably spins the attack as "anti-Christian." Oh, and he also doesn't mention, conveniently, that the targeted church was gay friendly and progressive and that the guy called himself a Confederate.

Putz is a guy who tried to link Tim McVeigh with Saddam Hussein, so this isn't surprising. If the shooter were Muslim, he'd be liveblogging this right now and Michelle Malkin would have about a dozen BREAKING updates. But because the shooter is a right wing crazy -- silence.


The shooter hated the "liberal movement" and "gays."

Will the wingnuts condemn this despicable domestic terrorism?


"Hatred of liberal movement."


Proudly wearing a Tennessee state flag.


Putz finally gets around to noting that, just maybe, the anti-Christian terrorist is in fact, an anti-liberal, anti-gay terrorist.

...TS ADDS: I love that Putz thinks it "makes more sense" that the guy "hated liberals." Charming.


Confederate Yankee tries his hand at the "he hated Christians" spin.

I think it's worth noting that the shooter called himself a "Confederate" and was consumed by a hatred for liberals -- I'm sure he would get a big kick out of CY's blog.

...and CY appears now to have scrubbed his comments.

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