Sunday, March 23, 2008

Does Glenn Reynolds want everyone to think he's a racist?

Putz shouldn't get the benefit of the doubt on this latest dustup with race. He hasn't earned it. It's part of a pattern of really disturbing behavior.

Who else in the blogosphere has compiled this kind of dossier?

1) Played victims of Hurricane Katrina for cheap laughs.
2) Obsessively -- and I do mean obsessively -- links to "the white man can't get a fair shake in this country" narratives like the Duke lacrosse story.
3) Promoted books by a neoconfederate propagandist.
4) Uses the term "civil rights" not as it's commonly used, but only when he wants to talk about guns.
5) Posed in a completely tasteless t-shirt that says "Celebrate Diversity", in pan-African colors, that has a lot of guns on it.
6) Seems weirdly preoccupied with completely trivial "reverse racism" stories such as these.

And these are just off the top of my head. Feel free to add others in comments.

There's enough smoke here to make a reasonable person wonder. So Putz shouldn't get a pass on linking to blogs that feature racist screeds.

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