Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The latest from Col. Kurtz Boylan.

(Pictured: Col. Boylan, prepping for a briefing with Gen. Petraeus.)

Petraeus' boy has gone bye-bye.
Several things are notable: (1) Col. Boylan is now resorting to demonstrable, outright lying; (2) he is expressly claiming that the original email is not "real," rather desperately though clearly insinuating -- without the slightest basis -- that I fabricated it myself; and (3) the more Col. Boylan writes, the more evident it becomes that he shares numerous viewpoints with the original e-mailer and, more importantly, expresses those viewpoints using the same unique and recognizable style of "English" used to write the disputed email.
(music cue: "The End"...)

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