Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why not just declare martial law?

This is one of the most revealing things, perhaps unintentionally, that Putz has ever written:
In his book about the 9/11 aftermath, After, Steven Brill reports that John Ashcroft's instructions to his subordinates -- repeating President Bush's instructions to Ashcroft -- were not to ever let something like that happen again. It hasn't, but that command certainly affected attitudes -- and, now because nothing like that has happened again, we find ourself back in more of a 1990s mindset.
Don't let this happen again ... at what cost? Don't let this happen again by abandoning our traditions? Torturing? Spying on Americans illegally? Setting up gulags all over the world? Trashing habeas? Shredding the Constitution?

These people are really dangerous. They are fundamentally un-American. You heard Romney say it last night with that ridiculous line about the most important civil liberty is to stay alive. This is the Republican party today.

Franklin rolls over in his grave.

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