Thursday, September 06, 2007

Roger Simon, WATB

Roger L. Simon is not acting like the CEO of a major media corporation...

The joke is over. There is something spooky about Ron Paul and something even spookier about his acolytes whose devotion pushes them to support him in online polls like cyber-brown shirts. They have made a mockery of the Pajamas Media Straw Poll (you should read our email--the Paulites filled with vitriol and obscenity when their candidate falls below one percent and drops off; reams of others writing us in despair to blackball him forever and return to the poll to normalcy).

Emphasis mine. Yeah, it's all the fault of Ron Paul supporters! I must've missed that time Roger bitched about Kucinich's high poll numbers; the gnomic fellow is, one can't help but notice, totally trouncing both Senators Clinton and Obama.

Anyway, Roger, if you want your shitty ass poll taken seriously, why include Al Gore? In how many fucking languages does he have to say, "I'm not running"?

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