Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mitt Romney, Asshole.

Pass it on.

A crowd of more than 1,000 turned out for a long wait in the rain, and many stayed at Lake Sumter Landing after his speech hoping for a handshake.

"We're under attack from jihadists," Romndy [sic] said, calling it one of the great issues of our time. While Romney did not mention the war in Iraq by name, he cited the report by Gen. David Petraeus that Americans are making progress helping the Sunnis reject al-Qaida.

"Thank heavens Barack Obama wasn't president," Romney said. "We'd have been out of there, and al-Qaida would be dancing in the streets."

The Romney campaign probably hopes no one will notice this slimy quote; indeed, it seems to have been picked up by only one other local paper.

Replace "Rudy Giuliani" for "Obama" and "Hillary Clinton" for "Romney" -- the outcry would be deafening.

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