Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Surrender.

John McCain has a little problem:

It was not until the president was safely re-elected that McCain announced he had “no confidence” in the secretary of defense. Even then, he declined to call for his resignation. Bush, he said, “can have the team that he wants around him.”

Follow the thinking here:

A) Disaster if we mess up in Iraq

B) Rumsfeld is messing up in Iraq

C) Only Bush can decide to get rid of Rumsfeld

D) Bush wants to keep Rumsfeld

E) Support George Bush.

Collins is right. If failure in Iraq is the End of Western Civilization As We Know It, McCain certainly didn't act like it in 2004. He could've run on a bi-partisan ticket with Kerry. He could've resigned the Senate in protest and run as an Independent.

McCain instead put his political ambitions above the Great War To Save These United States.

Can't have it both ways, John.

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