Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poll smoking.

One thing you'll notice about the nonpartisan is that he cherry-picks poll numbers he likes -- meaning he blogs about the ones that reflect poorly on Democrats. Polls showing overwhelming opposition to the war and Bush are ignored. And polls were hardly mentioned at all before the midterms, because they all favored Democrats.

But since November you keep seeing stuff like this:


In the eyes of the public, Congress is doing even worse than the president.

Public satisfaction with the job lawmakers are doing has fallen 11 points since May, to 24 percent, according to an Associated Press-Ipsos poll. That's lower than for President Bush, who hasn't fared well lately, either. . . .

The 24 percent approval rating for Congress matched its previous low, which came in June 2006, five months before Democrats won control of the House and Senate due to public discontent with the job Republicans were doing.

Just two months ago, 35 percent of the public approved of Congress' work.

But what a big two months it's been.

We've noted before that Putz has outright lied about Congressional approval polls. Here, he's only telling part of the story. That is, Congressional Democrats have a 10 point lead on their Republican counterparts.

Congress isn't popular because they're not stopping the war fast enough. But they've been in the 20s for better than 2 years, and Putz never noticed when the GOP was in charge.

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