Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pajamas Putziness.

(Pictured: Dick Miniter, 2006 winner of the Miss Piggy look-alike contest.)

Dick Miniter asks,
Is Iran behind most of the world’s terrorism, including the Iraqi insurgency?
Good question! But I find it very strange that he didn't mention The Great Iranian Terror Threat when he wrote,

Every day it seems another American soldier is killed in Iraq. These grim statistics have become a favorite of network news anchors and political chat show hosts. Nevermind that they mix deaths from accidents with actual battlefield casualties; or that the average is actually closer to one American death for every two days; or that enemy deaths far outnumber ours. What matters is the overall impression of mounting, pointless deaths.

That is why is important to remember why we fight in Iraq -- and who we fight. Indeed, many of those sniping at U.S. troops are al Qaeda terrorists operating inside Iraq. And many of bin Laden's men were in Iraq prior to the liberation. A wealth of evidence on the public record -- from government reports and congressional testimony to news accounts from major newspapers -- attests to longstanding ties between bin Laden and Saddam going back to 1994.

That was written in 2003.

I don't think we should listen to Dick Miniter about anything.

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