Thursday, April 05, 2007

Breaking my hiatus.

(Pictured: Richard Armitage's foolish meeting with Syrian President Assad, from which the country and the Republicans will never recover.)

(updated below)

Tristram Shandy (TS) is doing such a splendid job here, I may not come back next week. But I just can't resist this comment on neo-con Fred Hiatt's latest tripe in the WaPost:
If Bush and Cheney were really evil, they'd both resign and stick the Democrats with a Pelosi Presidency for the next two years. The Democratic Party would never recover. Alas, neither would the country.
How much wrongess can Putz squeeze into one paragraph?

Pelosi has a higher approval rating than Bush and Cheney. Pelosi is the Speaker specifically because the electorate thoroughly rejected Bush and Cheney's failed foreign policy. Pelosi's trip to Syria is something the 9/11 Commission recommended, and something a group of Republicans did last week.

And you know when Putz trots out his "x-action by y-Democratic politician equals a disaster for Democrats and the country" line, it's a sign the Democrats are actually doing something smart. Remember when backing anti-war candidates in '06 was political suicide?


As Atrios points out, Darrell Issa (R-CA) met with Assad in Damascus today. I'm looking forward to Putz linking to an article characterizing Issa as foolish and predicting how this will be a disaster for Republicans and ruin the country.


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