Tuesday, April 03, 2007

As Usual, Wingers Blame the Victim

Verbatim John Derbyshire:

Once again, it's me and Ralph Peters on the same wavelength, deploring the cowardice of the British sailors and marines kidnapped by Iran. When it happened, I said I hoped the ones who'd shamed their country would be court-martialed on return to Blighty, and given dishonorable discharges after a couple years breaking rocks in the Outer Hebrides (which, believe meI've been therehave a LOT of rocks). Now, I confess, I wouldn't shed a tear if some worse fate befell them.

Verbatim Ralph Peters:

The once-proud Brit military has collapsed to a sorry state when its Royal Marines surrender without a fight, then apologize to their captors (praising their gentle natures!) while criticizing their own country. Pretty sad to think that the last real warriors fighting under the Union Jack are soccer hooligans.

Of course, bravery isn't equally distributed. One or even two collaborators might be explicable. But not all 15.

These are truly bad people.

UPDATE: Via Teh Corner, the The Royal Navy ain't none too happy with Ralph Peters: "My American colleagues don't have issue with what happened during the capture, but some of them do wonder why we aren't doing anything military to get them back........ My reply is that once they've been held for over a year then we'll have an abortive fcuk up in the desert to get them back......."

Oh, indeed.

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