Monday, February 12, 2007

Boehner: for timetables and non-binding resolutions before he was against them.

I know I've noted Boehner's, erm, inconsistency on Iraq before, but the Minority Leader went on "Meet The Press" yesterday and again came out for a timetable in Iraq while railing against non-binding resolutions.
REP. BOEHNER: This plan is, is heavily dependent on the Iraqis stepping up and taking more responsibility for their own country. And I think that having these benchmarks and being able to follow the progress is very important.


REP. HOYER: ...that we do not agree with the president’s surge. The military doesn’t agree, Maliki doesn’t agree, the American people don’t agree. And we’re going to allow members with full debate, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to let their—give their opinion and then to vote: Do you agree with the president’s proposal? Republican president has made a proposal. The Congress is now going to be able to say...

REP. BOEHNER: On a nonbinding resolution.

REP. HOYER: ..we agree...

REP. BOEHNER: Let’s have a real resolution on the floor. It’s a bill that says, “We will not cut the funding for our troops in harms’ way.”

In June 2006 he was against timetables and for non-binding resolutions.

I can't keep up.

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