Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A new low.

It's like seventh grade, in some parts of the blogosphere.

Prof. Putz on the progressive blog Fire Dog Lake - 7/06/06

Putz, who's rather fond of lecturing progressives on civility, linked approvingly to these two pathetic posts, in response to Glenn Greenwald's recent criticism.

Weekend Doucheblogging
the Biggest Douche in the Blogosphere
Glenn is a douche
Greenwald gets a hell of a lot more traction than your average douche does
Other people’s shit stinks, don’t you know
unknown-to-our-Douche-In-Chief commenter
this unemployed (unemployable?) lawyer who once represented scum of the earth
Greenwald has more respect for whacko fringe white supremacists
Surely the Doucheman isn’t crass enough
1. Glenn Greenwald is the biggest douche in the blogosphere.
2. Glenn Greenwald is the biggest douche in the blogosphere.
3. Glenn Greenwald is the biggest douche in the blogosphere.
the ├╝berdouche
“Biggest Douche in the Blogosphere”
Link to his own goddamned site, hoping you’re too stupid or too lazy
wade through three tons of Greenwald’s bullshit
Greenwald can’t evne bulllshit his way out of this one
Calling an ├╝berdouche like Greenwald a mere “douche” is a bit like calling Bill Gates just another businessman
he’s the Biggest Douche in the Blogosphere
When that happens, please remember that I’m the guy who named the doucheosphere

Greenwald's repeated lying about Reynolds … reveals Greenwald to be… either a simple-minded demagogue, or a dangerous liar: perhaps Greenwald is actually both.

One is left to wonder if there isn't more than a bit of the fascist in Greenwald when it comes to political free speech with which he disagrees. And given his opposite position on Hale, some may be justified in calling him a self-hating Jew.

Not only is Greenwald a liar, from a human perspective, the man is intellectually and morally bankrupt - an absolute disgrace.

The poor boy, it seems not even his pillow talk was private. Perhaps that's ultimately what drove him so seemingly insane.

Again, really nice company you're keeping there, Putz. Looking forward to your next helpful pointers on manners and tone.

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Charles Giacometti said...

Instaputz is not the least bit interested in civil discussion. Indeed, as you point out, he praises the wingnut bloggers no matter how offensively they behave, and he takes every opportunity to scold anyone who disagrees with him. It makes me wonder what really is at work with this man. Is he cunning? Is he really so incredibly ignorant that he doesn't see the obvious flaws in his logic? Or is there some sort of pathology at work? I think it is some combination of the last two, but who knows really.

I used to write to him pretty regularly and call him on things, but he never seemed to understand any point I was making. He always responded with snarky non sequiturs. I decided to give up when I realized his prominence in the blogosphere had faded.

Still, you are doing a great service with your analysis, and you should keep it up. Instaputz and his fellow travelers, by virtue of their slavish allegiance to Bush, have painted themselves into a corner. You can play a key role in helping to uncover just how outrageous, uncivil, and ill-informed they really are.