Monday, July 17, 2006

Another conservative abandons Putz.

As if the hammering Putz took from fellow conservative Andrew Sullivan last week wasn’t damaging enough, Greg Djerejian gives him both barrels.

(Hat tip, Greenwald).

Glenn's dimly repetitive primitive attacks on the "Yale Taliban" (only John Fund gave him a run for his money), or his blasé, schoolyard jests about Guantanamo, or so much more besides (no need for a long bill of grievances here, it would tire us all)--all have led me to respect his oeuvre at Instapundit much less these past months (I also know, as he's told me, he feels the same way about B.D, so there you go).
Oh whatever, Greg. Torture, schmorture. What’s really important is that Yale Admissions' secret pro-terrorist, jihadist agenda was exposed.
…his credibility on matters related to foreign policy is in free-fall--certainly if one judges the quality of his views by the standard of whom he links to approvingly, and routinely, re: varied matters. Often, what he links to can only be described as deeply embarrasing to anyone with a modicum of foreign policy knowledge and expertise--given how often the stuff is outrageously looney, laughable fare… It must be said, many of these sophomoric policy prescriptions, if implemented, would probably find us in a series of 100 year religious wars, which is the only reason I waste time writing about it this morning--because I care about the future of the Republican party's foreign policy, and if people seriously believe this utter claptrap and horseshit in too great numbers, we're gonna have some serious problems on our hands beyond where we're already at.
Hasn't Djerejian heard of Japan? These things take time.
But it goes beyond this. Glenn will routinely piss on people who have loyally served their country (see Generals Batiste and Swannack, for the most damning examples), if they dare to point out what is blindingly obvious to all but the residual denialist fringe of bloggers and columnists--who still believe our war strategy was basically sound in Iraq--rather than an epic blunder (at least to date).
Principled conservatives like Djerejian should’ve been leery of Putz the minute he started writing love notes to the Swift Boat Liars.

Not done, Djerejian quotes an E-mail from a US soldier stationed in the Middle East, which reads (excerpted):

The shocking intelligence/reasonability/credibility free-fall at Instapundit is closely mirrored among many close friends and family members... who are leaving low earth orbit over Bush and the war. All bad news is merely the product of left-wing media bias, the New York Times is a hotbed of actionable treason, the war is going incredibly well, the Middle East is stabilizing as democracy takes hold... No facts will sway them; they simply know it to be true. Glenn Reynolds has caught a very common disease.

Let the glib, sophomoric dismissal of Djerejian begin.

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