Thursday, June 08, 2006

"The press" empowers terrorists.

This really requires no comment at all.
And of course it's true -- as Austin Bay notes in the post linked above -- that no single event like this is decisive. It's all part of a long process of ups and downs. But, of course, that's also true of the bad news. Funny that when something bad happens, the press doesn't hedge it with qualifiers and contrary views the way they do when something good does. And it's too bad that I have to spend so much of a post on a Zarqawi's death talking about the misconduct of the American press. But terrorism is an information war for the most part, and the press is, in various ways, empowering the terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the media is riding shotgun on Bush's War Express to Hell, automatically repeating anything the MisAdministration dishes out, the WMD lies, the Mission Accomplished moment, the Pat Tillman lies, (see, Bush DOESN'T support our troops)even the phoney 9-11 cover story; all dutifully regurgitated by The Media.

Anyone who thinks the media is liberal has no clue about the media. The media is CORPORATE. In other words, funded by the same folks that fund the GOP. Only the media calls itself "Liberal" so that it can now act as right wing as it wants, (Fox News) and still appear "balanced" simply because they are not "Liberal". Neat little trick.

But to accuse "the media", a vast multi head conglomerate of conglomerates, of "supporting the terrorists" is simple minded. After all the terrs don't buy advertising in the media, nor do their supporters. The media is biased towards the side that its bread is buttered, ie. the corporations, the right wing powerbase.