Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"Ignoring" Ann Coulter.

Putz, in the wake of Ann Coulter's latest projectile vomitus:
My general strategy these days is to ignore Coulter (Ted Rall, too), and if everyone did that things would be better. But yes, this deserves to be condemned. Of course, she's managed to troll Hillary into condemning her, probably assuring a bestseller slot.
So Putz's "general strategy" with Ann Coulter is to "ignore" her? That's curious, because, in addition to their being a huge ad for Coulter's book on his blog today, there's this from yesterday:
IT'S 6/6/6, and Ann Coulter has a new book out. Coincidence?
And these:
ANN COULTER and the Mark of the Beast.

ANN COULTER: "Mainstream Democrat".......

SO I GET HOME AND FIND MY INBOX full of complaints from lefties that I've been "silent" about Ann Coulter's remarks on Friday. I guess they're scrollbar-challenged, as I did in fact note them and link to Sean Hackbarth's denunciation...You can't assume that everyone is keeping up with everything, and I tend mostly to ignore Coulter.

THE INSTA-WIFE AND I watched this Ann Coulter documentary yesterday. Here's her review.I find Coulter rather over-the-top, though she comes across much better in the documentary than in her columns or TV appearances.

DOUG WEINSTEIN CALLS ANN COULTER an elitist.Related thoughts here, from Juliette Ochieng.

IS ANN COULTER faking it?

ANN COULTER says that John Roberts isn't conservative enough. (Drudge story here.). Beldar disagrees.

And that's just in the past few months. Apparently, what Putz means by "ignore" is not "don't post about" it's "don't criticize" while "promoting her book and her documentary." This is odd, because Coulter's stock and trade is shrill, political hate speech, the stuff that Putz is constantly chiding "the Left" and Democrats for supposedly engaging in.

So the best he can do in the wake of her saying the widows of 9/11 were "enjoying their husbands' deaths" is to write, "this deserves to be condemned" (without actually condemning it himself), while simultaneously taking a cheap-shot at Hillary.

And after he's thrice promoted her book, which calls liberals "godless."



Anonymous said...

Hooray for this blog.

Samurai Sam said...

I admire your courage in reading Instahack this much. You are a true patriot and the country owes you a debt of gratitude.

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