Monday, April 24, 2006

Instaputz Hearts Malkin

If you read Instaputz enough, and I'm sure as hell not recommending you do so, you'd find two themes that come up again and again. One, that the lying, dastardly liberal media is so consumed by its hatred of "conservatives", religious people, gun owners, and George W. Bush that it intentionally misleads the public in order to forward its evil, secularist, Leftist agenda. And two, that "the Left" has no manners and that it too often engages in political hate-speech.

Kinda hypocritical, then, that he'd go out of his way again and again to promote a propagandist like Michelle Malkin, don't you think?

Ya know, the same Michelle Malkin who wrote a largely discredited book about how swell the forced internment of 112,000 Japanese-American citizens during WWII was, who got caught spreading Swift Boat lies on national television about John Kerry, who called Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) a bed-wetter, who posted on her blog the personal numbers of student protestors at UC-Santa Cruz after she knew they'd received death threats from her wingnut readers, and who recently referred to the Mayor of Los Angeles as a "Latino supremicist."

Yep, the same Malkin whose rhetoric is so beyond the pale that conservative Andrew Sullivan named an award after her for "shrill, hyperbolic language."

Way to be consistent, Putz.

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