Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm pretty sure Glenn Reynolds is a putz.

Instaputz is having a hissy fit today about the liberal media. He's just besides himself, while simultaneously giddy, that the New York Times made errors --- OMG several actual errors! several! --- in a story about federal aid to Texas for Katrina victims.

The Times, rather than simply shut down the entire newspaper in sheer embarassment, ran this simple correction, today:

A front-page article on Thursday about strain on government services in Texas caused by hurricane evacuees misstated the number of evacuee children in Houston public schools and the amount of Federal aid the state has received. The most recent count, in late February, showed 5,475 students, not 30,000. The aid is $222 million, not $22 million.
Putz, in his self-congratulatory way, calls this, "a bad weekend for the Times", and links to the same Powerline article not once, but twice, which insists that the mistake was "Bush-bashing."

First, if the intent of the Times piece was "Bush-bashing", why print a correction? Also, criticizing the Times for making a mistake by linking to that pinacle of journalistic integrity known as Powerline is just downright hilarious.

Last week, Powerline endorsed Tom DeLay to replace Josh Bolten as Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, cooing, "he'd be a good choice."

So to summarzie, for Putz, Powerline = credible source. New York Times = liberal, unethical, rag.

Putz is also worried about the liberal media's supposed whitewash of accused CIA-leaker Mary McCarthy's campaign contribution to John Kerry in 2004, noting:

I'm pretty sure that similar evidence tying a leaker to the GOP under similar circumstances would get a lot of play.
Damn that liberal media! But wait! Just below that post, in another entry about the evil New York Times ignoring the huge significance of McCarthy's Kerry contribution, Putz writes,

I'm pretty sure I know what the talk-radio folks will be talking about next week.
So the story's not getting a lot of "play" in the media, but the "radio folks" will be all over it next week.


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