Monday, June 24, 2013

Why is Dr. Mrs. Putz on my teevee?

Sure, it's Fox News, but seriously? Amazing how much wingnut welfare there is sloshing around out there.

 (And yes, I'm still on hiatus.)


JohnR said...

Hey, if someone is willing to pay me to play the fool on national TV, I don't mind any more. Who needs self-respect when you have money, I say.

Alex said...

These morons don't know relegated from regulated.

Mark said...

If this woman had a strong man in her life I doubt she'd always be complaining about wimpy, wishy-washy guys.

Gary said...

Dr. Helen, like her husband, and like so many on the Right, thinks the answer to every social problem is to "go back to the past".

Perhaps, in typical conservative fashion, Dr. Helen wants OTHER women to go back to being servile housewives, while she of course continues to pound Glenn every night with her 12 inch strap-on.

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