Sunday, October 17, 2010



It occurs to me that right after 9/11 we saw the beginning of anti-mosque demonstrations but those quickly dissipated. Why? Probably because right after this march, we had Bush’s WTC bullhorn speech and people started to feel confident that Bush would protect the country. With less confidence in Obama, are they resorting to self-help?
You've got to appreciate the chutzpah: the beating of a Muslim boy, stabbing of a cabbie, attempted arson at the construction site of an Islamic center -- these incidents, says Putz, are Obama's fault, presumably because he hasn't found some smoldering rubble/bodies to serve as a platform from which to lie to the American public. According to Glenn Reynolds, the beatings, stabbings, arson -- it's all good! Hey, cryptolibertarian teabaggers real Americans need to blow off steam and get in touch with their inner Doctor Phil, right? [via Cole and Greenwald]

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