Monday, October 18, 2010

Republicans believe in free speech.

Just ask Joe Miller! He'll tell you all about it.


Joe still has one big fan...and in this instance "big" applies in both the literal and figurative senses. Take it away, K-Lo! (Note the clever headline "Miller Time in Alaska")

It is life and death for some entrenched powers in Alaska and the incident involving Joe Miller’s security and a website editor is probably making their day. Reading some of the accounts of it, I truly don’t envy Miller.

Joe Miller is in many ways the epitome of the tea-party this year. He’s taken on the establishment in Lisa Murkowski. The establishment has said “how dare you!” not just to Miller, but Republican primary voters. Joe Miller desperately wants to talk about policy issues and what he would do in the Senate because he believes America’s future depends on decisions being made in Washington. He sees a lot of injustice around him, in politics, in coverage, in resources, and he’s trying to get a handle on it all, having to do so under many hostile watchful eyes.

I think the former Army officer would make an excellent senator and talk a bit about his recent drop-by NR-DC in my syndicated columnist this week. I hope enough Alaskans get to hear from him and his appreciation of the stakes in this election before they vote.

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