Friday, October 08, 2010

Don't cry for me, Virginia

Virginia Thomas from America's Shittiest Website proving once again that upper-income people whining about their taxes make an extremely sympathetic group:
Consider the fact that a family of four making $6,400 per month — right in line with the $76,649 median income for married couples with minor children, as reported by 2009 census data — will see $179 less per month after taxes increase on January 1. In this tight economy, $179 per month is a lot of money. It’s the difference between taking a family vacation and staying at home. It could determine whether a child continues to take music lessons or gymnastics, or even has the chance to attend summer camp. Most importantly, it’s a huge percentage of a family’s monthly grocery budget. Some of us are looking at considerably more dinner menus that feature franks and beans.
Despite the brave effort to cherry-pick the statistics by choosing "married couples with minor children" as the basis for her median income statistic, who makes $76,649 per year and has no choice but to eat Weenie-Beanie?

And our social betters have been encouraging the rest of us to take Staycations in the rare instances that we have paid vacation time. Ginny missed the memo.

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