Monday, June 21, 2010

How Do You like It Now, Gentlemen?

Hugh Hewitt, in a post titled "The Obama Administration's Contempt for the Rule of Law":

[Y]et another unilateral exercise in executive branch power is being substituted for Congressional action followed by a presidential signature.

This is deeply troubling...

"This is a raw exercise of power," rages Hewitt, who says that members of the executive branch are "in the business of doing what they want regardless of the Constitution's requirements for law making."

Hey, everybody loves a convert! I'll bet you're wondering what changed Hewitt's mind on the necessity of untrammeled executive power, only nine years after rationalizing every wiretap, incident of torture and  classification procedure?


WASHINGTON (AP) - The Labor Department is ready to tell employers they must give gay workers the same opportunity as heterosexual ones to take unpaid time off to care for their partners' newborns or loved ones.

Hilariously, Hewitt says he's troubled "for reasons that have nothing to do with gay rights or the lack thereof."

Stop laughing, okay?

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